Colt Super.38 Commander


Today from Karl we have this Talo COLT Super. 38 Commander.


  1. That’s a “Lightweight Commander,” with an aluminum frame and steel slide. The “LW” in the serial number is the clue that (regardless of the slide its wearing) that it was issued as a Lightweight Commander. Most of these were made in .45 ACP.

    A LW Commander in .38 Super? Now the value has just gone up a fair bit.

    IMO, the LW Commanders are some of the best CCW pieces that Colt made in the 1911.

    • commanders have aluminum frames. The Combat Commander uses a steel frame. I dont bother with newer nomenclature like you are. I stick to the original which is why I still call it a super 38

  2. I have the exact same gun only mine is an XSE and stainless/al frame (O4540XSE). It was my everyday for a very long time. The .38 super doesn’t get enough love. IMHO

    My SN is CU…. it was new in 2008.

    The two tone is sexy though.


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