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A World War II mini-series in the same universe as Band Of Brothers and The Pacific, but about the air war? Sign me up for Masters Of The Air! Take my money! Apple TV you say.? Hmmm…

Questionable choice of platform aside, it is good to hear that production has officially begun on Masters of the Air, a huge budget World War II miniseries with Cary Fukunaga (No Time to Die, True Detective) in the driving seat.

Fukunaga took to Instagram to announce the start.

Fukunaga has a first-look deal with Apple Studios, which he signed last year. This first project will be based on Donald L. Miller’s nonfiction novel of the same title. The limited series will star Austin Butler, Callum Turner, Anthony Boyle, Nate Mann, and Raff Law.

John Orloff and Graham Yost are penning the script and executive produce alongside Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, and Gary Goetzman.

Masters Of The Air deals with the aerial wars in WWII, based around the Eighth Air Force, also known as the Mighty Eighth.

Today they include the beating heart of America’s offensive bomber force including the B1 Lancer, B2 Spirit, and B52 Stratofortress. In World War II they flew mostly B24 and B17 aircraft and took part in the “Big Week” operations, the campaign against Berlin, the preparation for D-Day, and went after the German oil industry before switching to the Pacific theatre.

The show is so huge in scope that it may not air until 2023 but no dates are currently known.

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  1. Apple is happy to produce a series that shows the US government killing millions of white supremacist civilians.

    I wonder if the cased telescoped ammunition in that picture is a preview of the kind of historical accuracy that we can expect from the show?

    • I saw the empty, spinning cases (supposed to be 50BMG?) with smoke coming out of the primer holes on the promotional pic and couldn’t help myself from thinking about what it would take to blow every 50BMG primer out of it’s pocket from a wing gun…

  2. I’m starting to lose my taste for the propaganda of the victorious. Maybe it will be entertaining but Apple? Expect the worst.


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