I’m excited. It’s been a while since we had a good cannibal story. This one you can really related to. You know how it is, you are busy playing video games and you holler at dear Mom to make you some hotpockets. Mom doesn’t move fast enough for your liking so you realy don’t have any other choice do ya?

A 28-year-old Madrid man who was arrested in February 2019 is now standing trial for allegedly killing his mother and then cutting her body into 1,000 pieces. Who counted?

In a court appearance Alberto Sanchez Gomez admitted to the crime, according to the BBC.

During his appearance, Gomez added that he does not remember dismembering or eating his mother. It’s an easy thing to forget.

When investigators searched the apartment, they found human remains being cooked and others in storage containers, El Mundo newspaper reported. At least he wasn’t wasteful. Momma always said “finish your dinner”.

Reports say that Gomez already had been on police radar because of previous acts of violence towards his mother, according to the BBC. Prosecutors believe that this unfortunate incident stemmed from an argument the two shared early 2019. Must have been the FBI.

While in jail, Gomez wrote a letter discussing what he did.

“I can’t stop thinking about what happened. I’d been ill for a long time and I took refuge in drugs,” Sanchez Gomez wrote in the letter published by local news outlets. “I’d been hearing voices for a long time and having hallucinations. All this led me to the worst thing that’s happened in my life,” he added. Still wasn’t as bad as the worst thing to happen in his Mom’s life though.

Madrid man on trial for ‘killing and eating his mother’


  1. could be like Charles Whitman (Texas clock tower shooter). His symptoms sound the same as Whitman’s. He knew he had something wrong with him; and asked to have an autopsy done on him to find out why started thinking such violent thoughts before he climbed the clock tower. He had a Glioblastoma multiforme tumor in his head pressing against his amygdala. He truly was not responsible for his actions that day.

    • You raise a deep philosophical question, here: Is anyone truly “responsible” for their actions, if all it boils down to is chemical or physical changes in the brain?

      I know a few friends who’ve had significant brain tumors. None of them have taken up positions in towers and shot up college campuses, or killed and eaten their mothers. Does that make them heroes, superior human beings, because they didn’t give in to the disease process that was taking their mind away from them?

      And, if the Charles Whitmans of the world are just the victims of a disease, what right do we have to hold them accountable for their actions? It’s just cells rubbing together, right?

      I find the entire argument about “organic causes” for behavior specious, whether it’s due to a “bad childhood environment” or some other issue more rooted in physical causes like that brain tumor of Whitman’s. The fact remains that the individual did the act; all else is so much sophistry. You do the crime, you do the time–And, if that crime was killing someone, well… Congratulations, friend-o! You’ve just proven that you can’t be trusted around other people, and as such, you are a threat to others. Time to see your Lord and Maker for some feedback…


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