I thought he was taller..


I been thinking about this. The only way I could relate to this is to figure the monk had a nagging wife. I know they have done some pretty nutty stuff in the past. The self BBQ some of them did during the Vietnam War being one of the craziest,but this is pretty strange. At the least, the communist monks in RVN did it out of some insane agenda. This was for “good luck” after being dead. Why would you need good luck in the afterlife if you are going to be reincarnated back into this world?

A Buddhist monk in Thailand chopped off his own head — on his birthday — in hopes the gruesome sacrifice would bring him luck in the afterlife, according to reports. …Happy Birthday?

Thammakorn Wangpreecha, 68, a monk for 11 years, built a guillotine near a religious statue portraying the god Indra doing the same thing, the UK’s Metro reported.

The monk’s nephew, who found the decapitated body, said he had left behind a note. Good luck forgetting that day, nephew!

“It stated that chopping his head off was his way of praising Buddha, and he had been planning this for five years now,” Booncherd Boonrod said. I can’t help but wonder if Buddha would approve. Who knew Buddha was so bloodthirsty? More blood for the blood god!

“His wish was to offer his head and soul, so the Lord could reincarnate him as a higher spiritual being in the next life,” the nephew added. I have heard the Lord loves idiots. Must be true because I’m still alive.

“He fulfilled his goal and met enlightenment,” said one of his followers, Yu, accord to the news outlet. Yu needs to be locked up.

The National Office of Buddhism has asked the local government to help spread the message that people can give money or free captive birds as a sacrifice, rather than lopping off their heads. This seems a bit more reasonable to me.


  1. Just goes to show, any belief system – religion, politics, whatever – can and probably will attract a certain fraction of nuts.

    All part of the human condition, I suppose.

  2. Well think about logically – he was 68 already, he got to skip the worst of dementia and infirmity AND he got good luck in the afterlife!
    Although dementia already played a huge role here.

  3. I knew a Karen tribesman a few years ago, and he was Christian. Someone around us made a comment about “peaceful Buddhists”, and set him off. Believe me, by the time you heard the entirety of his litany against the various sins of the Buddhists he’d had to deal with in Burma and Thailand both, you would never use that “peaceful Buddhist” phrase ever again.

    Crap goes on outside the view of your average white-bread American upbringing that would turn your hair white. It’s like the Shinto thing in Japan–It all looks so cool and peaceful with that whole water-garden thing and raked sand around the rocks, but… Never forget: The basis for a lot of what the Japanese militarists got up to was Shinto, along with Buddhism. The Japanese are nothing if not eclectic with their adopted religions.

      • Which ones? The ones like the Thai Buddhist who wanted to knife me, ‘cos she thought I was looking at another woman?

        Or, maybe the ones who tried killing my Karen friend, because he wasn’t Buddhist, and was Christian, thus a “traitor” to his people?

        The problem is that everyone here in the US looks at all the peacefulness, and misses the little details, like just why all those Thai Muslims are down on the rest of the country, and such great prospects for the looney evangelizing fundamentalists that come in from elsewhere. It ain’t all peaches and cream, anywhere. The caricature of Buddhism we have here in the US is just that–A caricature. Mostly based on common delusion and really good marketing, just like nobody wants to acknowledge that assholes like the Westboro Baptist types are as Christian as anyone else professing that faith.

        Thing I object to is the depth of ignorance. Everyone sees Buddhism here in the US as being that funny cool religion the dude played by David Carradine in Kung Fu belonged to, all philosophical an’ shit. Reality? Go talk to the neighbors of the various Buddhists sects across Asia that got steamrollered by all that “peace”. The Karen guy I knew could go on for hours about it all, if you could even get him to talk about the multiple times his family got wiped out by “peaceful Buddhists”. He lived through his family being killed and village being burnt down at the end of the 1940s, watched it happen again when he was a young man in the 1960s, and escaped to Thailand with his one surviving daughter (from six kids he and his wife had had… The baby of the family was the only one he could carry), and then when he got to Thailand, he saw the same shit starting up again with the local “peaceful Buddhists”.

        Every religion has assholes, I’m afraid. And, few of them bother to read their own scriptures or follow them very well–There are a couple of Sikhs I’d like to introduce to their guru, because I’m pretty sure he’d be reading them the fuck out of their faith for being sick creepy bastards that use the faith as an excuse to screw over everyone who’s not Sikh.

        • You read my obviously sarcastic comment about peaceful Buddhists and went into an autistic essay on it like I was dead seriously naive on the subject. You need to lay off caffeine or stop going to other websites full of idiots. It’s starting to affect how you interpret things here, buddy.

        • You might want to get a pretty detailed definition of what Shawn means by “intimate experience” before you put your donuts up to bet, Kirk.

          Not too detailed, though.

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