500gr Minié Ball is shot into a Kevlar vest panel


Dog1 from B-ARFCOM posted some pictures today of the results of shooting a rifled musket ball into a Kevlar vest.

So a buddy of mine called and said hey do you want to do some shooting today going to get the guys together and I’m like hell yes!

We had a wide variety of weapons. Lots of suppressors, some short-barreled rifles, some 308 rifles, a Springfield trapdoor carbine, a Sharps rifle and a 1861 reproduction Springfield musket.

So toward the end of the day one of my buddies pulled out a old Kevlar insert from an old vest that he had. He wanted to see what it would stop.

It was manufactured in January of 2004. Sorry I didn’t get any pictures of the vest before we shot it.

So he hung it up on a target stand at 25 yards.

I said hey let me shoot it with my Springfield musket. So I loaded up a 500gr Minié Ball, over 60grs of 2f black powder.

This is what we recovered from it. It did stop it but it ripped it free from the target stand.

You can see the outline of the fibers when it captured the Minié Ball.



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