Kevin O’Brien July 16 1958 – April 18 2017


Man, It’s hard to believe it’s already been 4 years.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of our friend Kevin. O’Brien leaving the range and as you know, I always make sure to mark the sad occasion to pay tribute to our friend. I know you all miss him as much as we do. There isn’t a day that goes by I don’t think about Kevin, or a news story I hear or read that I don’t wonder what Kevin would have to say about it. He would have some great takes on the current state of the world and gun industry and military for sure.

You may not have seen this picture of Kevin before. It was provided by Kevin’s friends and fellow SF team mate who comments here often. Maybe he will feel like sharing a story about Kevin in the comments.

You can see the issued Colt M4 at Kevin’s feet. The carbine he was working on making a clone of before he passed away.

If you would like to leave any comments ot Kevin’s brother and family, please do so below and I will email them to him. Maybe he will be inclined to come and give us an update on how things are going with him and the rest of the family and “Small Dog”.


  1. Shawn, I finally dug up a disc with the picture of OB’s vicious and furry sparring mate from the same hill as the pic with my M14. I’ll email it to you later along with the narrative.

    And it is a sad day indeed that the Special Forces Regiment lost OB. He was truly one of a kind and I miss him and his goofy laid back humor. I am proud to have gone off to war with OB, his humor kept me sane while living in primitive conditions (military term is austere conditions, due to some colonel or general trying to sound smart coming up with “standard” verbiage).

  2. I’m sure everyone will cover all his insights and accomplishments (which are legion and I can’t do justice to it) but for me personally, reading his site always left me feeling smarter by the end of the day. I still have a perpetual tab open as I go back and re-read everything. And his vocabulary always pushed me to expand mine. Or at least not let it devolve into grade school simpleton-isms.

  3. I flat out did not believe it when he passed and more or less, I still don’t. I do not claim to have known the man, personally, but the quality of his character shined brightly in his writing. We are, still, diminished.

  4. Like many others, I visited his website daily, always interested to hear his take on current events along with looking forward to the huge amount of his knowledge that he so willingly shared with his readers. Never had the privilege of meeting him personally although it was very much a wish before he was so suddenly lost. Thank you for keeping his memory out here in public for everyone to share – he is truly missed and remembered very fondly and respectfully.

  5. I will say attending the memorial service for Kevin his fathers opening that was a joke made it pretty clear where a good part of Kevin’s sense of humor came from.That tis what I will remember most about the site and him,the humor.

    I will say when I found out he was a ZZ Top fan would haved liked to met him,had a few drinks and dinner and see the little old band from Texas,they played the fall after his death right down the road from where he lived.

    I will next time visit Boscowan bring along four shot glasses and a can of Diet Dr, Pepper,a shot for Kevin/one for those at rest with him/one for those who cannot visit due to distance ect/and one for me.

    I will say in honesty personally cannot stand the stuff and will as soon as off the property pour out the rest for the ants and worms on side of road!

    Anyhow,hope the rest of family including small dog 2 doing well and hope the next chapter in Kevins life is good and perhaps one day(not too soon hopefully!)we will meet.

    Best also to all hear that remember Kevin.

  6. He is still missed in these quarters. I’m chewing my way through his blog archive here on Looserounds, for which I’m grateful.

    • John I also perused as hadn’t been in awhile.I will say was surprised in the list of his firearms that got sold not one 1911 45.I know he had a desire for a lot of the foreign stuff but thought everyone had at least one 1911 that was into shooting.I hope that perhaps he had one stashed and someone deserving finds it remodeling his home or a cache out in the woodlands!

      Captain,while I agree think if Kevin had never shared his thoughts and humor,we would always have had a slightly darker world and with archive(thanks Shawn/Howard/Branden)a visit will wipe a smile on your face guaranteed.

  7. Every time I went to Weaponsman I knew I was in the presence of a remarkable intellect and extraordinary wit and always left knowing more than when I arrived. That he was also “just a grunt” like me and many of his other visitors made my daily trips there even more special.

    He is sadly missed and fondly remembered here in Australia.

    Thanks to the Looserounds guys for preserving his memory. Your efforts do you proud.

    I came here from Kevin’s place, and it’s good to see others here as well.

  8. Miss his site and the comments… A bit like sitting down at a pub with a bunch of insightful weirdos. Eclectic, but great.

    And was really looking forward to his books. RIP Hognose.

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