“Sniper” on the loose in Maryland “out to kill a cop”


Local news WDVM’s Timothy Young quoted Chief GPD Mark Sroka, who said police are still searching the area for the gunman. At least 75 police officers were stationed at the Lakeforecast mall to help in search efforts.

in Gaithersburg, Maryland, a city located approximately 20 minutes north of Washington, DC, after police say someone opened fire on officers from “higher elevation.” 

Gaithersburg Police Department (GPD) received a call around 1500 ET for a “parking hazard” at 392 N Summit Avenue. When officers responded, they were shot from above. 

details of the ongoing situation in Gaithersburg from the local paper The Chesapeake Today

Shelter-in-place in Gaithersburg, Maryland as gunman on the loose after shooting at police responding to parking hazard. Gaithersburg police responded to a report of a vehicle blocking the roadway near 392 N Summit Ave at approximately 3 pm. As officers were responding to the scene, shots were fired at them from a higher elevated location. A shelter-in-place is in order and everyone in the area of the 390 block of N Summit Ave / Girard St. is asked to keep out of the area. Police are actively searching for suspect(s).


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