Biden Supposedly To Announce Afghanistan Troop Exit


Apparently biden is going to attempt to do something his son can’t, pull out. From the Forever war. I’m sleptical but not too skeptical. They have been spoiling for a fight with Russia over Ukraine for a long time now and this feels an awful lot like consolidating forces for redeployment to a new theater. We know it’s not over Taiwan. Xiden will be more than willing to let his master take over Real China.

The Washington Post has revealed that Biden plans to make a major announcement on Wednesday related to a full and final troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. A senior administration official was cited as saying the president will announce a full US troop exit from America’s longest war in history, scheduled to be accomplished prior to the 20th anniversary of the September 11 terror attacks, which is this year.

“President Biden will withdraw all American troops from Afghanistan over the coming months, people familiar with the plans said, completing the military exit by the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks that first drew the United States into its longest war,” Washington Post writes.

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“The president has judged that a conditions-based approach that has been the approach of the last two decades is a recipe for staying in Afghanistan forever,” the unnamed official said

The official further claimed that this time the Sept.11 date is a “hard deadline” and not a mere target date or goal. Yet the reality remains that an endless number of variables and unknown contingencies could serve as a near-future rationale for keeping troops there past this supposed “hard date” (as has been the pattern for years despite repeat attempts at draw down, especially under Trump. ). 

It comes after this month it became clear the White House would keep troops in the country past the May 1st deadline agreed to with the Taliban under negotiations that had been in place by the Trump administration. However, Biden has reportedly expressed a desire to not see troops stay “long” past that deadline, even though the prior commitment will not be met, which has resulted in threats by the Taliban that US forces and assets will come under attack once that date passes with American forces still there.

The Wall Street Journal presents Biden’s justification for an exit by Sept.11 as follows

The U.S. is coordinating the withdrawal with North Atlantic Treaty Organization allies, which now contribute the bulk of forces to the conflict, officials said.

In making his decision, Mr. Biden determined that al Qaeda and affiliated groups no longer pose a threat to the American homeland and that keeping U.S. forces in Afghanistan is no longer necessary, officials said.


  1. ” a full US troop exit from America’s longest war in history, scheduled to be accomplished prior to the 20th anniversary of the September 11 terror attacks”

    This is an obvious error. The US is still technically at war with DPRK; and just like Iraq when we pulled out prematurely without finishing business like Japan, German and Korea; a power vacuum will ensure the most pious ones takes over and millions will need to come to the west as refugees. It’s not rocket science here folks. Get ready for aid workers and journalists head to roll; literally.
    Truth be it told; the went there with no plan to win the war, no idea of what victory would look like; same as the latter half of the Korean war, and the entire Vietnam war; with politicians and bureaucrats making sure there cannot be an actual goal post, or cultural relativists playing hide the goalpost.

    • who gives a shit ? you work for boeing or own stock in them or something? fuck Afghanistan and Iraq and the people there and fuck Israel. let them all die and rot in hell.

  2. Obama tried it and the .mil brass blocked him. Trump tried it and the .mil brass blocked him. Color me skeptical that Biden is going to pull it off. He can announce whatever he wants, but I’ll believe it when the troops are home.

    • they are a lot more excited at the thoughts of a war with russia, they’d gladly trade the forever war for their shiny new war with their new favorite booegy man

  3. Here’s my analysis on this:

    Ain’t nobody goin’ nowhere anytime soon, not until the kickbacks to our politicians and generals cease.

    Pakistan and Afghanistan have been keeping on keepin’ on by cutting our politicians in on the foreign aid lucre. Just like Ukraine. Same deal, same reason.

    Counterinsurgency 101 is isolate the battlefield and separate the insurgents from any safe harbors and support. In Afghanistan, what we have is a situation wherein we’re paying the Pakistanis to pay the Taliban to kill American troops. There’s no other answer than that our wunnerful, wunnerful Congress is using the situation to launder our tax dollars and put them into their pockets. Look at all the sweetheart deals going on, like those Italian cargo airplanes that the Pentagon bought for big money, and which did nothing for Afghanistan. The whole deal is a scam, start to finish.

    And, it ain’t ending until they can’t get any more money out of it.

    Do note that Trump tried shutting down Afghanistan several times, and the unholy trinity of the State Department, Pentagon and Congress wouldn’t let it happen. If Biden actually gets us out, then you can read an awful lot into that. My take? He’s doing the Kabuki dance, and we’re not ever getting out of there. Not so long as Congress critters and Pentagon types can make a buck, anyway…

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