LIVE Riot Erupts After Police Kill Man In Minnesota


Peaceful protesting is unfolding in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota after a Brooklyn Center police officer shot wasted a driver during a traffic stop Sunday afternoon.

There’s a significant police presence as community members gathered near the scene following the shooting.

The gathering was initially peaceful but has spiraled into a riot. 

CrimeWatchMpls tweets, rioters are throwing bricks and other objects at police cars. 

Rioters are jumping on top of police cars and heard yelling, “f*ck the police.” 


  1. It seems to me that these people just want to smash and burn and steal for entertainment and profit. They don’t really need a justification like an OIS.

  2. Lswchp, whatever do you mean? These are all upstanding citizens. Just like the ones that rioted and looted during the Oscar Grant riots in Berkeley and Oakland. I’m sure they took all the items they looted from the stores, then sold them so they could donate the proceeds to the Grant family.

    These saints would never take advantage of a riot to loot for personal gain. I’m sure they are all educated too. In fact, in between rioting, looting and destroying other people’s property (by accident, the Molotov cocktails were supposed to be used to burn weeds, but they accidentally slipped out of their hands), I’m sure they are working endless hours in their laboratories trying to find a cure for cancer.


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