Hate Mail


Some real juicy hate mail today. I happen to know who this one is from. Chase45 on BARFCOM has been really asshurt at me for over a year because he didn’t like something I said to him there, then ignored his pissy fit. He works for a company his family owns and so he considers himself a pretty Big Deal. I guess it bothers him that Howard and I own a successful gun website we started ourselves without Daddy’s help and money. Unlike some other people… ahem.

Every few months he likes to come here and show just how much his vagina still stings. I would block him by IP address, but it’s too much fun watching him spurg out at me in impotent rage.

For some reason he has the idea I live in Pikeville, Kentucky. Which I don’t. I live about 25 miles east of there.

I am pretty tough though. My Mommy has told me many times I’m a big tough man. And that I’m handsome. Guilty of being semi literate. No idea about the “rice eating old lady” unless he means Howard. I don’t think Howard likes rice though, even though he is half Korean. As far as I know Howard and myself as still betrothed to be married in California next year.

His casual racism is pretty funny though.


  1. Grumpy McGrump? That is what we call our dog when he pouts because we’re a few minutes late getting him out for his walk.

  2. Shawn, this kind of anti-Asian hate is exactly what’s driving the anti-Asian violence on our streets. I blame systemic whiteness and Drumph.

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