LooseRounds Youtube Channel


I didn’t realize how many of you didn’t know we have a youtube channel. It’s nothing big or special because I despise “gun-tubers”. There is still some fun stuff there and video of me and various friends and friends of the website firing full auto stuff we have access to/own. Videos are usually short and less than a minute for those of you with ADHD. Longer videos are interviews from NRA/SHOT shows from years past.


  1. You should advertise your instagram a little more as well, if we’re being honest.
    Too bad those greedy fucks made it so that you have to make an account to even view pictures. Fuck em.

    • I am VERY spicy on instagram. Honestly probably way too spicy for a general audience and most of the readers of the website. I should tone it down a bit to be honest with you.

  2. Spicy eh? You’re the fucking idiot on ARF that can’t even put together a proper sentence, correct? Your rice eating old lady left you in that podunk part of Kentucky since you’re such a fucking tool. Can’t say as I blame her, probably shacked up with a black dude while your pathetic ass runs around on the boards trying to act tough. Tell me, how hard is it to copy and paste everything from the Brownells folks and make it look like your own content? Fucking Pikeville loser.

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