Pink Tank Surrendered Under Ongoing Weapons Amnesty Program


“At the end of January this year, the Czech police announced that, under an amendment to the Weapons Act, anyone who had illegal weapons or ammunition could turn them in to the authorities or take steps to have them legalized, if possible. The holders would face no punishment, the announcement said. The campaign started right away and will continue until the end of July this year.With the announcement, the police released a video that was, more or less, an exaggerated take on what they expected to have people turning in. More specifically, it showed someone driving a tank into the police HQ parking lot, handing it over to two very amazed cops, and then walking away.”

“The other day, the police announced that, to their surprise, someone did turn a tank in. Actually, two tanks were surrendered: a self-propelled gun SD-100 (SU-100 tank destroyer), and a medium T34/85 tank, which, for whatever reason, is now rocking a faded pepto bismol pink layer of paint. The stories this machine could tell, we can only imagine.”

I think we know who this belonged to.


  1. Honestly, with what’s happened to fuel prices since the new year (Thanks, Big Joe!) can you blame the owner?

    Re the color, I wonder which came first: this, or Muddy Girl camo?


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