Top. Cop. Goes Out With A Flash Bang


Boy, this is a good one. We have us a real TOP. MAN. this time.

Before walking into a coworker’s home on Dec. 12 for a Christmas party, Sgt. John Finley threw a flash-bang grenade — taken from the SWAT stockpile — to announce his arrival.

As you do when you are a highly trained LE professional.

Finley, who joined the sheriff’s office in July 2002, has ignored several attempts by Professional Standards investigators to speak to him. The sheriff’s office concluded the criminal portion of its internal affairs investigation and the case was sent to the State Attorney’s Office with recommended charges to review and consider filing.

“The Manatee County Sheriff’s Office Core Values state ‘…whether on duty or off duty, we will behave according to the highest set of ethical standards,’ and John Finley’s reported actions challenged these ethical standards.”



  1. So … As I’m not really up on the technology of flash-bangs…

    Could someone explain to me why it has a USB port?


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