“Bare Foot ” Vietnam Jungle Boot


This is a pretty neat little of history from the covert War in South East Asia.

This was the bottom of the Vietnam era Jungle. The idea was to leave a track that looked like a bare human foot print. SOG recon teams in Laos and Cambodia constantly had to avoid PAVN tracking teams roaaing any likely landing zone and all around the Ho Chi Minh trail. After finding an American bootprint, they would flood the area with troops to over run the team.

One idea was this boot.

The idea is great in theory. Didn’t pan out. The rubber wore and degraded and didn’t leave a legit looking print. And of course as you can imagine the thing was very uncomfortable, had to tread for climbing and resulted in twisted ankles. The problem was solved eventually from the brilliant idea of air dumping US jungle boots all over the border and trail. The PAVN and VC forces were always eager to use captured equipment and over time enough PAVN forces were killed or captured wearing GI Boots that seeing a vibram print in the area wasn’t always instant proof.

Pictures are of an original mold used by Wellco in their Waynesvile, NC plant.


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