Not Much For Fighting Series


Over the years I have done a series of articles on military weapons called “Not Much For Fighting”. In it, I talk about these guns with mythical reputations and how they aren’t so great. It’s occured to me that new readers probably haven’t seen them and they are all spread out. So here we go with the ones I have done collected.


  1. You’ve also reposted some of these over the years, right? Pretty sure I’ve seen that exact spencer writeup a long, long time ago.
    Not that there’s anything wrong with that. This blog’s been going on for a bunch of years now and it would be a shame to let good knowledge stay in the long forgotten archives.

  2. Thanks for reposting these.

    Having owned an 03, a Mauser and an M1917, the M1917 is the only one that still has a spot in the safe. Better rifle by far than the others.

    Having AD experience with the M-21 and with the M-14’s that were sent us in Afghanistan, your post on the M-14 needs to be posted annually. Even then people will not get it.

  3. Another thanks for reposting these. I had read your M14 screed many moons ago before I became a regular here. I hadn’t, however, read your 03 article. Very informative.

    The 1917 rifle’s safety is very similar to the safety on my Ishapore Enfield. It falls directly to the right thumb from a firing position. It’s a little difficult to engage because you’re fighting the striker’s spring pressure (I think), but it rolls right forward to the fire position. I like Enfields a lot. If .303 were more available, I’d probably own a few.

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