1980s-1990s SWAT


I ran across these pictures of SWAT teams from the 1980s and 1990s. Boy things have come a long way haven’t they? Not the quality of the King’s Men and their training, lol, but the guns and equipment used then and now.

An AUG! Wonder how that happned.


  1. I lived in East Oakland during part of the the 80’s, had a second story flat with a rear deck where I’d have my coffee about 5AM.
    The “FAT Boys” ( Multi Agency Felony Arrest Team) came by to visit the next door neighbor one morning when I was half way through my coffee…
    A good dozen of them.
    They came up dry but they were VERY well armed.
    And no, they didn’t notice me.
    No matter how often you tell people to check their six and look up some will never get the memo.

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