SOG played around with this stuff for purposes of possible prisoner snatches and ambushing on the Ho Chi Minh Trail. They found it too unstable and hard to control. Very dangerous.


  1. This was also sold as a minefield, and a means to dig tank ditches.

    I knew a couple of guys who’d been part of the testing at Fort Belvoir, back in the day. Supposedly, there are still areas of the impact area that remain contaminated with the residue from this stuff, non-explosive but still toxic.

    Rumor control further had it that the main reason they didn’t go further with this stuff was that when they talked to the West Germans, they promptly freaked out due to the idea that the US Army was planning on dumping thousands of tons of toxic material into their soil. No idea as to the veracity of that, but there ya go…

    There was an awful lot of this crap that some genius came up with, and which was entirely impractical in the real world. The dream of an easy “no-dig” foxhole solution has been out there since the 1950s, and they’ve implemented dozens of different ways to do it. The problems have always stemmed from the vast range of different soils they’d need to work in–What’s suitable for a nice, light loam somewhere in Kentucky or Ohio ain’t going to work in caliche down in Texas. Go international, and it’s even worse.

    • From what I understand Atrolite wasn’t just thought up, it was a bi-product from the process of making rocket fuel or some such thing from the space program . Some one decided to see if they could find a use for it

  2. I thought that was the stuff my wife and I use in the bedroom but on closer view of the container, I noticed that we use “Astroglide”, not Astrolite. Maybe we should switch products and see if we end up with explosive fun! Shawn would be able to do a Surprised by the Foom article.

  3. Shawn, you’re giving my wife way too much credit. The only thing she would use on me is honey and beach sand mixed with Tabasco. That woman is pure MEAN!


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