Colt Anaconda 2021 Info


OK let’s try this again. I got my press kit from Colt and have some more details for you.


  1. I dunno if a large frame .44 Magnum is really “a unique space in the revolver market” given the existence of the iconic S&W Model 29. Still, more power to Colt. I hope they sell.

  2. I’m a little surprised that the snake revolvers are selling as well as they seem to be. I might have guessed that those would have gone the way of the Colt Cowboy with lots of people saying “I want I want” but not actually showing up at the gun counter to buy. Good on them.

  3. Why does Colt keep pushing ad copy for this thing that looks like some dude is leading his dog off to put it down with an Anaconda? There’s at least two different versions of the same ad, so apparently it’s a theme.

    Even if it wasn’t depressing ad copy, putting a dog down with a .44 would be inefficient, messy, and traumatizing for all involved.

    Maybe you can suggest that your buddies at Colt knock off the Old Yeller add…


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