Top. Men. Head Shoot 1 Year old


Houston police shoot a 1-year-old child in the head while pursuing a robbery suspect

A 1-year-old boy is “fighting for his life” and struggling to breathe on his own after being shot in the head by Houston police, the baby’s mother and attorneys representing her said Tuesday.

The shooting took place March 3 when Daisha Smalls was pumping gas and she saw police cars and heard sirens, she said in a news conference Tuesday. Her son, Legend, was in the back seat of the vehicle. Smalls said a man then got into her vehicle and told her to give him the car.

“I wouldn’t give him my car because I let him know that I have a child in my car and that I would not leave my car without my son,” Smalls said through tears. Smalls said she was sitting in the car when the man jumped in and police were right behind them.

“Before I knew what happened they were already shooting at my car and I was just scared for my son’s life,” Smalls said.

Houston police had a different telling of events, according to a March 4 statement from Executive Assistant Police Chief Troy Finner. Smalls was not in the car when shooting took place, Finner said.I’m sure they do.


  1. I hope these officers are held accountable for this recklessness. If a regular Joe Shmoe sheepdog bRuTher type did this they would be crucified. There would be calls for mandatory training and licenses and news stories portraying firearms rights as too dangerous for us mere rubes. It would be, “Experts agree, the consensus is to just leave it to the fully trained, certified and licensed professionals like a good subject.” Our existence is changing for the worse at a disturbing pace. I havn’t seen any legitimate signs of resistance, even from folks I thought better of. I am more horrified and disgusted by the day.

  2. Apparently the HPD needs better FireArms Qualification standards… How many shots were fired? How many hit the Perp? and How many were just “Sprayed and Prayed” without regard to backstop, and collateral Damage causes? Did these Officers even access the situation, that there was a kid in a CarSeat in the back of the vehicle in question? If I was the weapons Trining Officer for HPD, I would remove the weapons from ALL THE OFFICERS INVOLVED, period.. This whole incident shows a extreme lack of FireArms Training for this Department… Yea, I know that 75% of all LOCAL LEOs can’t hit the side of a Barn at 30ft with their Duty Weapon, in these kind of situations, but in this instance, it is verging on Criminal Negligence… My considered Opinion.. YMMV…


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