Pentagon worried too many troops ask why BLM / antifa riots aren’t considered extremist


Boy the Top Men pentagon are really concerned. Seems the canon fodder has may be thinking for itself. See, the problem is those in the lower ranks that didn’t attend West Point don’t know how to think. Now in their uneducated, low class stupidity they seem to have gotten the child like idea that the riots last summer and the Jan 6th capital tête-à-tête are basically the same thing!

Very worrisome. Lucky for the nation, the expert journalists at Stars and Stripes are there to help guide the naive, easily confused canon food into the correct thinking. After all, we can’t have an effective Israeli Defense Force if the troops are starting to think for themselves. Shit man, if they start questioning the DC narrative they might start to wonder why the hell they joined up to fight in the Forever Wars!

It’s here. If you still think there is some way out of this by voting or calling your reps or any such nonsense you better get that stupid idea out of your head.


  1. The people I agree with are protesters. The people you agree with are extremists and rioters. How is this hard to understand?

  2. The sense of Americanism and pride in our history and founding principles tied tte military to the polis.

    They are trying to destroy that. It us more than a social experiment. It wil make them willing to “defend everyone” from the scurge of what ever offends the left and voted for Trump

  3. Good job showing the morons at Stars and Stripes regurgitating Xiden koolaid.

    But wtf is this?

    “ After all, we can’t have an effective Israeli Defense Force if the troops are starting to think for themselves. ”

    Only ininformed whine the lies that “we fight wars for da jooz.”

    (& in case u hadn’t noticed it’s idiot leftists with blm and antifa who support (and crosstrain) with jihadistinians to eliminate Jewish Israel).

    • You’re right mister neo-con, from now on I will be a good goy and not joke about “our greatest ally.” In penance, I will be sure to donate my stimmy check to Isreal to go along with the other 40 billion we send them a month and the 500 mil Trumps sent them in his last covid bail out. lol

      get fucked if you dont like what I write

  4. It seems obvious to me and mine that burning down cities is, well, extreme.

    That’s the reason I bought much more ammo.


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