Taliban makes ads for why you should have a Thermal optic


Story goes that while Taliban forces were attacking an ANA outpost, a Taliban sniper with a Thermal optic flanked or got behind the Afghan National Army and used the confusion and darkness to pick them off.

Some people don’t seem to realize that this sort of tech is widely available. That it just keeps getting better, smaller, lighter, and cheaper. And most importantly, that lots of people out there already have it. Do you?


  1. I’ve got a thermal optic on my .22 WMR. I had an anniversary at work…25 years with the same company and they asked what I wanted for a gift so naturally I said “A thermal optic!”. It raised a few eyebrows but they paid up…about $500 about 5 years ago.

    I use it on rabbits and foxes and it works a treat. The really never know what hits them.


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