Movie Review Boss Level


I just finished up the new movie Boss Level. Released on the streaming service Hulu, the film stars Frank Grillo, Mel Gibson and some other actors most of you reading this hasn’t heard of and don’t care about. It’s one of the many films inspired by the Bill Murray film Ground Hog day. This one with some Sci-Fi techno-babble as the explanation for the main character reliving the same day 250 plus times.

Grillo ( who should have been the actor to play a live action movie version of The Punisher) plays the main character stuck in this time loop. He’s a retired Delta Force Operator that has a child by a exwife that’s some super genius scientist working for evil wannabe super villain Mel Gibson. The Ex wife is afraid the time tech she is working on is going to be used for nefarious purposes and knows her time is short. She sticks her ex husband in the time loop with hints how to end it just before she is killed. All this agreeable nonsense has to happen as an excuse to get to the real meat of the movie. Watching the main character get killed in various ultra violent ways as he tries to figure out what’s going on and how to save the ex, himself and the world.

We get to see him attempt to defeat Gibson’s mooks and skilled henchmen over many attempts but never in a boring repetitive way. The highlight being an Asian broad who is a near super human sword fighter. She is one of the skilled killers that acts as a hitman/bodyguard for Gibson’s main bad guy.

After she thwarts him by beheading him for the 200th time, he finds another expert sword fighting Asian chick to train him.

The third act had a nice twisted on this time loop trope and the film surprised me by the heart of the story.

It’s a lot of fun and at only 100 minutes it’s not a long watch. It’s very violent and very funny with a very likeable main character. 8 out of 10


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