Knife to a gun fight


West Sacramento, California — The West Sacramento Police Department released body camera footage from February’s officer-involved shooting on Ikea Court. The suspect shot and killed by police was been identified as 24-year-old Adam John Lundt. On Thursday, February 25, 2021 at approximately 3:45 pm, Officers responded to a call in the Walmart parking lot of a subject with a knife. Officers arrived and contacted an involved vehicle. Lundt gets out of his car and immediately charges at the nearby officer with a gun and knife. Officer then fires several rounds, hitting Lundt at least once. A second officer on the scene also fired shots at Lundt. Police later learned it was a pellet gun and that the knife had been bought at Walmart minutes before the incident. West Sacramento Fire Department and AMR were in the area following the initial call and attempted life saving measures. Shortly after, Lundt was pronounced deceased. No other injuries are reported to officers or bystanders.


  1. I’m against all this release of body cam footage before the trial. Body cam, surveillance footage, personal cell phone footage, reports, investigation findings and trial outcome documentation must be available after the case is closed; but not before the case is closed and complete.
    They should only release footage in the situation that the case could not be closed because no suspect can be found, and only release footage and images that would help the public find the person(s) of interest. Trial by public opinion is doing more harm than good, and impartial juries are impossible to find in cases that are made high profile by the media as a result. Just my opinion. If you have the knockdown argument to this please feel free to post it.

    • I generally agree. Another exception would be when the media narrative is ridiculously wrong and easily refuted by the footage.

      …of course, actual footage has failed to change the narrative multiple times recently…

    • Yeah, it’s an interesting argument and I see your point. Part of the issue is that the media is going to run a trial whether the cops release the footage or not. And many times the “facts” they report just aren’t going to be so.


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