COUNTERFEIT Blue Force Gear Slings Showing Up Online


Savannah, GA – CAVEAT EMPTOR! They say “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, stealing our designs with counterfeit copies isn’t flattery. It’s a crime. In the past several weeks, Blue Force Gear® customer service has received a number of calls from individuals regarding issues with weapons slings that they purchased online. These slings were purchased primarily through Amazon. A review of the slings has revealed that every single one of them are cheap counterfeit copies of the patented BFG Vickers Combat Applications SlingTM (VCAS). These slings were labeled and marketed as being authentic BFG products to include copies of our labels and packaging.

More important to BFG than the legal issues with patent and trademark infringement, or the lost revenue to our American based company, are the disturbing reports of the products failing customers.  BFG, and each of its employees, is proud that our products are utilized daily by military, first responders and prepared citizens worldwide.  The idea that a mission could fail or that someone could be injured because of an inferior counterfeit product causes us great concern.

While the counterfeit slings LOOK like our product, a careful examination reveals vastly inferior quality of webbing, hardware, construction methods and other issues. We are choosing to not be more specific regarding the glaring issues with these slings as we don’t want to assist these thieves in their continuing criminal enterprise to steal our intellectual property and mislead our loyal and deserving customers.

BFG wants you to be aware that there are counterfeit products being marketed and that the best way to avoid them is to always buy from an authorized BFG reseller or direct from Blue Force Gear through our website or company store.  If you have questions regarding the identity of authorized resellers or concerns regarding a product, please contact our customer service representatives for guidance or go to to report a suspected fake product. , , 877-430-2583At Blue Force Gear, we strive to be “Always Better”TM.
The people stealing from you? Not so much.


  1. Amazon has gone from being an e-commerce site to being the world’s largest flea market.

    To some extent, you can protect yourself by buying from Amazon and not one of their “third party retailers”, but even Amazon doesn’t do enough to protect its own supply chain from counterfeits. Many electronic items (especially accessories) are frequently counterfeited, such as charging cables, dongles, etc. it’s relatively easy to make a superficially-similar copy and sell it for high margins.

  2. China’s going to China.

    Also, Savvy Sniper slings are my current favorite — doing most of what BFG slings do better. Have several BFG slings, but have never seen a counterfeit Savvy Sniper sling…

  3. Just so you know, China doesn’t hold its people to the fire when they steal intellectual property, reverse engineer it and make copies of it to sell; instead the CCP rewards their fraudulent efforts through “The thousand talents program”, which rewards theft of knowledge and trade secrets and intellectual property.
    Amazon is helping fund the CCP; while Alphabet (google, youtube, and amazon) are all competing for the CCP’s respect, hence why your anti-CCP comments will often be deleted from YouTube videos; and why many Youtubers that are critical of the CCP get their ad revenue pulled, and their channels silenced.
    Boycott, Divest and distance yourself from all Chinese suppliers, because hundreds of millions of Chinese who are not free need to know you care enough to stop funding the CCP and the PLA. No person or country should be buying anything from China or selling anything but food to China until they apologize for their handling of the Coronavirus to the world, free the 1.5 million Uyghurs in concentration camps, stop persecution and organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners and get completely out of Hong Kong and away from the border of India; and last but not least STOP REWARDING IP THEFT in the China to help protect and promote innovation in the world

  4. There is an extension for Chrome called “Cultivate” (that’s free), that will tell you if an amazon seller is in China. It works most of the time.


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