Today a friend of the site brought over his spanking new STRIBOG. We shot it a bit, and I was able to shoot a group with it to get a general idea of its accuracy.

I can tell you I like it much better than the MP5 and infinity better than the KRISS Vector and the recent 9mm AK I mean “pistols”. The brace is more than enough for a good cheek weld and the gun is very smooth and pleasant to shoot.

The above 10 round group was fired off a rest from 35 yards. Unfortunately only speer ball ammo was used. I’m sure you’ve noticed it’s hard to find a selection of any decent ammo lately. Especially 9mm. And of course since I am not a degenerate I own no 9mm guns nor ammo in 9mm so I had to use what my friend had available. I think the group show the guns potential for accuracy. Especially after you take a look at the massive front sight in the picture below.

That front bead is massive. From 35 yards it covered the head of the target completely. It is my only problem with the gun if I have to nitpick it. A simple post would be much better. The front and rear peep are nice fold away BUIS though.

Ambi controls and a slick side folder. The gun comes with three 30 round mags and a loading tool. Which you will need. Loading them by hand is a major PITA.

I like it. If you can live with the price and have been wanting a 9mm subcarbine..sorry.. “pistol” Then I think you would be happy with it.


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