Two of GLOCKs most forgotten models


By Luis Valdes

The GLOCK Model 17L and Model 24 are two of their lowest sellers. I think the .45 GAPs even have sold more over the past decade than these two did. They never got the Gen 4 treatment like the Model 34 and Model 35. Heck, the Model 34 got the Gen 5 treatment. Even the .45 GAP Model 37 got a Gen 4 upgrade.  

But I sure as hell love mine.

But they sure shoot great.

The Model 17L and Model 24 have stayed in their Gen 3 status for a long while now. They aren’t even made in regular numbers. I believe GLOCK simply cranks out a few and sits on ’em since orders are never large and numerous. I remember when I got mine, it took a while with Lou’s Police Supply in Hialeah, FL. I ordered both and they’re one of the largest Blue Label dealers in the state and it took them a while for the order to be processed.

Anyways, I love mine and I sure ain’t ever getting rid of ’em.


  1. I had a G34 and it was a great gun. Isn’t the G17L a long slide version of the G17, which is pretty much what the G34 is so no real reason to run both models.

    And I’m curious about those targets which demonstrate some nice shooting…what were the conditions under which you shot them…range, off a bench, slow fire etc.

  2. Gen 3 Glocks are legal for sale ( Some models) in California, while Gen 4 and 5 are not.
    Unless you are a Cop, then you can buy what you like, and resell it for a NICE profit to an ordinary “Citizen”.
    I suspect Glock will continue to make gen 3’s for some time for that market.

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