Guns From The Back Of The Safe


By Luis Valdes

I have basically forgotten about my S&W M&P .40 S&W Shield.

I got it before GLOCK released the G42 and G43. So yeah, it’s been a while in my stable of single stacks. But ever since I got the two Austrian designed plastic fantastics, the Shield just kind of fell by the wayside and I’m a huge .40 S&W fan. But the GLOCKs are just that good.

It was even pushed further back when I got my SIG P239 and S&W Model 4040PD in .40 S&W.

My 4040PD is honestly my favorite .40 S&W chambered CCW piece.

It really is a great little gun and since then, the Shield has just been sitting deep in the back recesses of the safe in its zippered case, lonely and forgotten. The 4040PD is like the last born kid in the family that gets all the attention and the middle kid is just forgotten. I just like everything about it.

Well, I took the Shield out today for a quick spin and I forgot how good of a gun it is. Sure, it doesn’t have the replacement triggers made by folks like Apex. But man, this is a good little gun. It carries well, is capable and controllable. Its bite is as bad as its bark. It has no problem throwing a 180gr JHP with authority. Honestly, it is a good little gun. Maybe I will invest in a upgraded for it.

Who else has a gun like this? Something that you just kind of forgot about and pushed to the back of the safe?


  1. With the modern defensive rounds, the 40S&W Shield is as good as it gets.
    I can get two quick shots off before having to pause due to muzzle rise, the 9mm version is good for three quick shots. The 9mm goes with me around town. The Shield is light and flat, making for very easy concealed carry.
    If anyone is thinking about putting a apex 2 dot sear in their shield, you may have problems with some ammo such as Winchester wb Nato.
    The extra power glock striker springs help .
    Rule is don’t trick out your need to go bang every time handgun.


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