150TH Annual Meetings & Exhibits


The NRA is still a thing?

The National Rifle Association’s 2021 Annual Meetings and Exhibits will be held September 3-5, 2021. Originally scheduled for mid-May, the event will remain in Houston, Texas at the George R. Brown Convention Center.

As many uncertainties around COVID-19 restrictions persist, the National Rifle Association rescheduled its 150th Anniversary celebration to help members and exhibitors make the necessary plans to attend. Approximately 850 exhibitors will provide an exhibit hall that offers attendees a one of a kind experience with thousands of firearms on display from all their favorite manufacturers.

The 150th NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits is open and free to all NRA members. Some events require a ticket, which can be ordered in advance. Members should watch their monthly membership magazine or go to www.nraam.org for updates and the latest information.


  1. When I joined before, they sent me a bunch of swag. They also spend a lot on expensive ads, expensive graphics – which kind is like the VFW does. It means some significant amount of money is spent just to get new members, and it is costly. It is not money being spent on what should be the goal of the group: a toothy group of snarling, well funded, fearless lawyers ready to bury every anti-2A suggestion in lawsuits. I don’t want swag. I don’t want stickers. I want action. Son, I am disappoint.

    • I’m pretty sure I once read Hognose describe the NRA as something like a “direct mail marketing scheme that wears a gun rights organization as a skin suit,” but I can’t find the quote right now.

      I did have a delightful walk down memory lane by stumbling across the post where Aesop and Kirk both wrote entire books arguing their respective POVs about the M16A2. Thanks as always for hosting the Weaponsman blog here, Looserounds team.


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