House Democrats Ask Biden To Relinquish Sole Authority To Launch Nukes


Hahaha. Hoo Boy.

House Democrats spearheaded by former CIA Director Leon Panetta’s son, Jimmy (D-CA) – who was part of the above effort, have asked President Biden to relinquish sole authority to use nuclear weapons, since “The military is obligated to carry out the order if they assess it is legal under the laws of war,” should Biden – or a future president – choose to launch nukes without consulting advisers.

Listen here , Jack.Seems like they don’t have much faith in their boy not to send us all to a nuclear hell on a dementia warped whim.

Another suggestion is a requirement that a congressional declaration of war and specific authorization be required before any nuclear first strike could be conducted, and the creation of a “permanent active council of congressional leaders that would regularly participate in deliberations with the executive branch on vital national security issues and madate some portion of the council be consulted before the first use of nuclear weapons.

And by the time all that is done, we have already been turned to vapor.



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