New Dog


I said I wouldn’t after some idiot hit the last one with a car and killed him. But what is life without a dog? Not the kind I want to have.

So while taking my Mom to the Big City to get her vaccine, I stopped at the animal shelter and brought this girl home.

She took a while to calm down and is starting to get used to her new home. She is now snoring in my bed.


  1. Wait…you went to a shelter and they just gave you a dog? The same day?

    All the shelters around here want to do background checks, home visits, personal references, vet references, your other animals have to be evaluated, and even after that, they want to come in your house unannounced to check on the animal whenever they feel like it, for the life of the dog…it could take weeks and several hundred bucks to get “approved” to get a dog from the pound…

    If you could just go get a dog, without more hassle than getting a TS/SCI, maybe more people would actually get them there instead of the breeders…

  2. If she had shorter hair, she’d be a dead ringer for the pound pup we had years ago.

    Good to have a dog around. I especially appreciate them when I have to go out of town and the wife and kids are alone.

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