Chinese release video of hand to hand combat with Indian troops


In case you hadn’t heard, Indian and China have been having a spat over some border area over the last few months. It’s gotten to the point to both sides line up and go at each other with primitive melee weapons.

You can see enjoy video footage of the two sides at the link below.


  1. It’s all fun and games until someone gets stupid and the canned sunshine gets let out…

    I’m rather dubious of the proposition that this sort of BS between nuclear powers is ever a good thing. The idiots commanding these guys are all people who might potentially be sitting at a desk in Beijing or New Delhi one day, where they’re entrusted with the power to launch nukes. That they’d be going at it like a bunch of third-graders at recess does not fill me with insouciant confidence that the world is in the best of hands…


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