Which would you rather have?


Yes, it’s one of those rare times when I am going to let readers have some say over what shows up on the website next week.

I been working on new Civil war articles. But I can’t decide which one I want to finish first. So instead of flipping a coin I thought I’d do like all good leaders do and buck the decision down to other people.

A. The Battle of Malvern Hill

B. R. E. Lee’s suppression of John Brown’s failed taking of Harper’s Ferry

I should probably expand on those a little so you know what you are voting on.

Malvern Hill was one of the battles that took place as General Lee pushed “Little Mac” from the front gates of Richmond back across the Peninsula.

The other one speaks for itself.

Malvern hill will have more “action” in it so to speak.

Let me know.


  1. Both good; A would be new knowledge for me, B would likely correct stuff I thought I knew.

    So, B please, but ultimately both.

  2. (A) is more interesting when put into a larger context of the careers and abilities of the commanding generals (Lee and McClellan).


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