Viet Cong Jungle Workshop Bring Back “Rifle”


This is pretty cool. It’s always interesting to see what those Godless commies could make in some bamboo hut. Looks almost like Dyspeptic Gunsmith level quality.

Looks as good as anything Bushmaster ever made anyway.


  1. If I had been there at that time, I would have assessed this as indicative of a significant level of expertise and capability.

    The bolt has evidence of a lathe and mill (or a lathe with milling attachment), and someone had some machining experience. But that’s not what would attract my attention – the formed sheet metal parts are indicative of someone with advanced manufacturing expertise. That would worry me, because if someone can master turning sheet metal into functional guns, then they’ve achieved the point where they can manufacture guns cheaply and quickly enough to arm a lot of people, cheaply.

    The issue of sheet metal manufacturing techniques in small arms is how the Russians were able to turn the AK-47 into an instrument of foreign policy, and use boatloads of AK’s to destabilize countries and regions.

    It’s easy to pooh-pooh a gun like this, but let us remember which side left SEA in defeat: It wasn’t the side of the guy(s) who made that gun.

    • The US Military did not leave SE in defeat. RVN was pacified by 1973 and all VC forces were wiped out. Hanoi had only PAVN regular forces and major offensives left to throw at Saigon by 1975. Something that easily beat back using ARVN ground forces and US Air support until congress pulled the plug out of spite. Hard to fight off russian tanks with a budget of 8 rifle rounds per day.


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