Maintaining Your Carry Gun


This topic came up on B-ARFCOM and I decided I want to talk about it a bit. Carrying a gun every day means it will get dirty. Lint will build up in places on the gun. Dead skin, dusty, grit, grime etc. And that’s without even firing a shot. Real every day carry will result in a dirtied up gun.

Some guns are worse than others for letting crud inside it even without being fired. The S&W Shield is well known for this and you can see it in the thumbnail picture.

People are lazy about this. Why wouldn’t they be? Every expert on facebook will tell you that polymer guns like the Glock never need cleaning or oiled. Even if they do, they can work anyway because their magic is so powerful. Why waste time and money cleaning a handgun when you could be online talking about how great 9mm ?

I’m not picking on plastic guns, they all need to be looked after. Especially if it’s one you carry every day and honestly believe you may use it to save your own life some day. I take my carry gun apart and clean it every month. I also re-lube it once a week in summer. I sweat all over the thing. Even plastic guns have metal parts that enough sweat will start to rust it.

I shouldn’t need to mention that you need to clean it after shooting it.

I don’t reuse a chambered carry round after I have cleared the gun for PM. It get’s put aside for practice of training. Chambering the same round over and over does not lead to any good. Yea, you can get away with it for a while but eventually you are gonna get one that has bullet set back. Some brands and types of hollow points are a lot more sensitive to this than others. The Hornaday ammo seems to be the most egregious example of factory ammo having bullet set back after one or two times. I quit using the 10mm critical defense loads because they are so bad for it. Nothing but hot Underwood ammo in my 10MM now.

Don’t neglect those mags either. No the springs won’t “take a set” from being loaded for a long time. Thats stupid as shit and wrong. That’s not what causes springs to wear out. You check them for the same reason you clean the gun. And keep in mind that magazines are always the weakest point on semi autos and the most likely part of the system to give you trouble.

I know you all know this stuff. I shouldn’t have to tell you but you’d be surprised how many people forget the simple things while getting twisted up worrying about if they should by thermal NVGs or IR.


  1. I used to be a rifle platoon Sgt responsible for weapons maintenance so I’m totally OCD about cleaning my guns. The insides of that pistol….

    • It’s crazy how lazy people get with the gun they carry every day. I couldn’t sleep at night if I thought one of mine looked like that.

  2. Magazines are a place where most owners neglect cleaning and service, regardless of whether it is a carry gun or not.

    The magazines most prone to becoming filthy are .22LR magazines for blowback action pistols/rifles. Unburned powder, congealed bullet lube, etc get down into the magazine and really make a mess. In cold temperatures, this fouling can prevent the magazine from feeding the next round up into position.

    BTW, this is true for both “box-n-spring” magazines as well as rotary mags like those used in the 10/22.


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