Rush Limbaugh Leaves Us


Sadly, Rush as left the range.

What can I say? I have been listing to Rush since 1997. No better talk show host ever lived. Rush was a great American who went on the air nearly every day to defend our values. No media figure ever has been as effective at holding weak spinless republicans feet to the fire. It’s like the loss of a family member. We are all diminished.


  1. They’re demonstrating their usual lack of class and utter tackiness.

    Day comes when their Chinese masters are loading them onto the trains for the camps, all I’m gonna do is laugh, and laugh, and laugh…

    The view from the camp towers is gonna be ah-maaaaaa-zing. All those lefties looking around in confusion, trying to figure out what happened, and how they ever ended up being the first against the wall under the new regime… Mensheviks, meet the Bolsheviki…

    Just got to time the dismount from “capitalist oppressor” to “regime security specialist”. Hopefully, by the time we reach that final act, I’ll be too damn old to worry about it, but with the way they’re going lately? Could be this time next year…

  2. It is difficult for young people today to understand the political commentary landscape prior to Limbaugh. First, we had the “Fairness Doctrine,” which stipulated that “both sides had to be given equal opportunity.” Well, as we’ve seen recently, this meant then as now, that liberals owned the airwaves, and token limp-wristed conservatives were given airtime to spout their feeble protests, purely on intellectual grounds, and this was called “balance.”

    Then in the late 80’s, the Fairness Doctrine was dropped, then Rush replaced Morton Downey Jr. on KFBK, a 50K watt station in Sacramento. Almost immediately, Rush started diving into hard-core conservative positions against the silliness in California, but with humor and a rhetorical technique known as “reductio ab absurdum” – where he would take the supposedly “well intentioned” ideas of liberals to their utmost limit (under the premise that liberals would double and triple down on policies that didn’t work – and they do, and this is how socialism becomes communism) and then hold the inevitable result up for ridicule. California liberals co-operated fully by providing Rush with an endless supply of nonsense to parody and ridicule.

    Rush pulled a bunch of attention-grabbing stunts and rhetorical jibes at the left in California – and then he was noticed by the Big Guys in NYC.

    Well, just about within the first month of his being syndicated out of NYC, Martin Sheen opens his yap about Malibu being a sanctuary for the homeless. Rush pounced on this stupidity, and with his knowledge of California and California liberals, caused the lefties some real embarrassment when Rush said that he was going to charter buses to haul the homeless to Malibu to take up Sheen on his nonsense.

    Here’s the LA Times reporting on the issue:

    People all over the US howled with laughter at this. I remember sitting in my grandmother’s kitchen with my uncle (a machinist and gunsmith) and my grandfather, a rather quiet and dour man who was a USN vet of WWII, when Rush explained how he just wanted to help the homeless and take up Mr. Sheen on his offer. My grandfather, who I had never seen laugh, howled with laughter and looked genuinely delighted.

    This is the sort of stuff that made Rush the conservative heavyweight he became – because he was willing to do things specifically and effectively intended to hoist liberals on their own petards.

    I should make note that Rush’s syndication bosses blanched at the idea of hiring buses to haul the homeless to Malibu. Rush would go on to do lots of controversial stuff that made his audience numbers explode upwards – “caller abortions” was another controversial on-air tactic that made the clowns in suits blanch, but suddenly attracted the attention of pro-life conservatives who were (at that time) mostly disengaged from mass media.

    We know today of the supposed “adult conservatives” who hate Trump and want to go back to “adults in politics and civility.” You know who I’m talking about – the pederasts, grifters and perverts inside the Beltway… the neocons who never grow tired of sending Americans overseas to attempt their idiotic foreign policy ideas that EveryMan in the street would say “That ain’t gonna work the way you think it is.”

    I think Rush could communicate very well with EveryMan because Rush never had his mind polluted by American academia and their idiotic ideas. Rush possessed that increasingly rare gift of “common sense” – which is increasingly uncommon in a nation populated by minds corrupted by academic indoctrination.

    Let’s talk about where politeness and civility got us: Today almost no one remembers William F. Buckley or his hyper-erudite pontification as conserving a goddamn thing. Rush, on the other hand, created two whole generations of conservatives who know from practical, EveryMan observation, that leftism results in misery and failure.

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