Only A Springfield Armory Owner…


I have seen some dumb things before.. But this one is really a new level.

If you haven’t deduced the dubious reasoning for this cut out, let me explain. The idea is to give you something to rack the slide with because the other unneeded extra parts won’t let the user grips the rear slide serrations. Apparently reaching forward of the ejection port to rack the slide is too much work?

The other stupid part blocking the ride side serrations are to keep the user from causing a malfunction from the high ride thumb position touching the slide during operation. Which is really retarded in my opinion. In fact it’s so retarded I almost used the F word to describe how retarded. Like I said, only a SA owner would think this up. I keed, I keed. Not really though.


  1. One of the big problems in life – trying to think/work outside the box without creating new problems or doing things that are just dumb. I’m guessing, based on the sights and oversized grips it’s a dedicated target/competition piece so I’d be more accepting of oddball mods and such than on something meant for more serious pursuits. Maybe arthritis issues and that doesn’t hurt his hands? I dunno – looks kinda dumb to me…maybe I’m being too generous…

  2. “It’s such a fine line between stupid and clever”
    Also successful thinking outside the box requires considering the possibility that that box exists for a good reason. My classic example is the graphic designer breathlessly touting a bicycle with hubless wheels, because they don’t understand that spoked wheels are actually a highly refined tension structure.

  3. A little bit snobbish, are we?
    Whats with the Springfield hate?!?!?

    Or maybe you’re the type that thinks Rock Island makes primo stuff.


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