Saturday Hate Mail Part 2


Another witty, wise, knowledgeable expert chimes in today with some mail. Makes a good argument. He really showed me.


  1. Shawn, I can only imagine the touchy feely pain and anguish that you are suffering from such hateful mail…after all, they keep reminding us how much words hurt. I’m sure after your next counseling session you will be ready to propose to Kamala Harris and request Diane Feinstein to be your godmother.

  2. I think the proper response to a comment like this is a detailed post on various types of animal droppings to prove that you know shit

  3. It’s emarrassing to see such lame hatemail.
    Shawn, have you considered a different look?
    If this is all the lukewarm “Passion” you can arouse, there’s something wrong.
    They have these implantable, flexible, solar powered neon strips now, your choice of colors.
    “MAGA” across your forehead in gold letters 2″ high would work well.
    You’d be an instant hit on instagram.


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