Top. Men. Shoot Wrong Idaho Man


The incident started when a Bonneville County sheriff’s deputy pulled over a vehicle in Idaho Falls for a broken tail light(extortion) shortly after midnight Monday, according to a statement from the sheriff’s office. While the driver remained in the car, the passenger took off running, authorities said. The same “authorities” who executed a man in his own back yard.

Idaho Falls police officers and Bonneville County sheriff’s deputies were called to the scene and began searching for the suspect, who was wearing a black shirt and khaki pants and headed in the direction of a residential neighborhood, according to a statement from Idaho Falls police.

A resident told an officer they had seen the suspect run through their yard, and the resident believed the suspect was armed with a gun. All officers were given this information, police said.

The driver who had remained in the car identified the suspect as 22-year-old Tanner J. N. Shoesmith, and police learned the he had multiple warrants for his arrest, including two failure to appear warrants with original charges of resisting/obstructing arrest. The others were related to charges of felony battery on an officer and providing false information to law enforcement, authorities said. Ok, so now we have enough info to shoot first and ask questions later. Just look at that record! It speaks for itself! Man was a mad dog killer.The Top. Men. were primed and ready to get it on.Time to get that CONUS confirmed kill.

At some point the driver received a text message from Shoesmith that shared his GPS location, which was seen by police. The GPS showed he was in a backyard in the neighborhood where the officers were searching, according to police.

“Officers and deputies surrounded the residence and backyard in order to prevent the suspect from fleeing,” the statement said. “Due to the information that the suspect may be armed, and a prior history of violence when interacting with police officers, law enforcement personnel entered the location with their service weapons drawn.”

See? How can you fault them?

Officers said they heard yelling and saw a man in a black shirt. He was armed with a gun, and officers told the man to drop the weapon, according to the statement.

So you know how this ends. And nope. It wasn’t the suspect, It was a man in his own backyard. And I seriously doubt they gave him enough time to drop the gun after yelling. They saw a black shirt and shot. Remember Christopher Dorner and how the LA cops lit up a vehicle just because it looked like the one he was supposedly driving?

The statement continued: “Ultimately, officers and deputies determined that the man that had been shot was not the suspect male but was actually the resident of that address.”


“There are no words to express how heavy our hearts are today,” Johnson said. “This situation is devastatingly tragic for the family, for the officer, and those that love and care about them. We all feel the weight of what has occurred today. Our sincere sympathies are with the family and friends of those involved, most especially the family of the deceased.”

NO mention of being at fault there of course.

Shoesmith was eventually found hiding in a shed in a different backyard and arrested, according to police. He was charged on the outstanding warrants as well as a new misdemeanor charge for resisting arrest. Notice it doesn’t say he had a weapon on him.

Meanwhile, the police who executed a man on his own land in his own backyard for the crime of wearing a black shirt and having a gun, went home to their families.


  1. Any “normal” citizens do something like this, and it’s gonna be an indictment for murder.

    Cops do it, and it’s “Oh, my bad… Too bad, so sad… He shouldn’t have been out in his own back yard, dressed provocatively and with a gun…”.

    You’ll note that there’s absolutely zero mention, in any of these stories, where they describe the victim’s actions–Which leads to the inevitable conclusion that the poor bastard likely didn’t do anything that, y’know… Actually justified shooting him, like aiming that “weapon” he had at the cops or threatening them. Cops seem to think that someone just having a weapon in hand is justification to shoot, but if Joe Average citizen does that, then he’s going down for murder. Why are the police different? Hint: ‘Cos they’re not your public servants, they’re representatives of the wannabe master class, who excuse their every mistake.

    Day’s coming when the policing situation in this country is going to be completely untenable, and the current set of idiots we have as police officers and administrators will have no one to blame but themselves for us getting to that point. They think they’re going to keep getting cover from their overlords in the system, but as we’ve seen in Milwaukee and elsewhere, they’re going to be thrown under the bus first and foremost.

    I will not be at all surprised when a lot of seemingly law-abiding and “nice” neighborhoods begin being as difficult to police as the inner-city ghettoes, and police cruisers start burning spontaneously while in them. The way they’re headed, it’s almost inevitable.

    • We had a situation here locally where the cops responded to a domestic and banged on the door. Homeowner answered with a pistol in his hand—not at all unusual here. Stuff starts to happen fast from there, but on the cops’ side it was pretty much “DROPTHEWEAPONBANGBANGBANG”.

      From the homeowner’s side, he never raised the gun or did anything at all threatening. In fact, he looked like he was starting to kneel, either to set the firearm down or to take a submissive posture or both. Homeowner was DRT.

      I never heard the disposition of the case. It was relatively recent.

      I have a lot of sympathy for cops. They do a tough job and spend 98% of their day interacting with the crappiest 2% of humanity. Their job is to charge (sometimes literally) into dynamic situations and sort them out.

      Right now the general approach seems to be to give them crappy procedures and training and then say, “well, they followed their procedures and training,” with shrugs all around.

      I think we should focus on improving training and procedures up the chain. Crappy outcome (like the OP or my armed homeowner case)? Well, if the cop followed training/procedures and got a catastrophic outcome, time to figure out which sergeant, lieutenant, captain or chief set the procedure or training that led to the catastrophic outcome.

      I’ll bet training and procedures would improve pretty fast. Or cops would start asking questions first and shooting later.

      • No. a cop shooting a home owner needs to result in cops going to prison not , taking a look at their training and policies.

        no one drafted them no one forces them. there are other jobs if they don’t like it. most of them are cops because they didnt want to give up the lifestyle of being on the high school football team

        • Prison? For abuse of authority under the cover of law, resulting in the death of an innocent civilian?

          Automatic death penalty. Period. That’s going to be the only thing that turns this crap around, short of some really extreme public reactions.

          I don’t think we’re too far from the point where cops like this are going to be dragged out of their cruisers and lynched, along with a bunch of their buddies. If they’re lucky, it’ll be at work and not at home where the wife and kids get to watch and/or become victims.

          I kept telling my cop friends and acquaintances that they’d better start policing their own, or they were going to regret it. They told me I was nuts–Up until last summer. Then, it was “Ohfuckohfuckohfuck… You were right, man…”.

          The thing to remember is that this specific case happened in a part of somewhat rural Idaho, and the fact that cops out there in flyover land are doing this sort of thing? Yeah, it’s a sign, folks.

          Ain’t nothing says we have to do policing the way we have been, or even that we need to do it at all. There’s jack and shit in the Constitution really establishing anything like what we have for law enforcement–Back during the founding, it was all very informal and entirely self-actuated. Nothing to stop us from going back, or going to a purely corporate model like San Francisco used to have with their private police contracts.

          • Kirk, you’re right. Death penalty. I don’t know why I went soft there for a minute. Have no idea what I was thinking.

          • Whether it happens formally and through due judicial process, or informally through civilian direct action, it’s coming. The only way cops are going to head this off is if they drastically reform how they operate, and make it publicly and manifestly obvious that they, as a group, are taking this issue seriously by turning in and prosecuting cops that kill civilians in this manner.

            That won’t happen, so it’s my rather disgusted view that there will be a reckoning, probably on two tracks: One, they’re going to get legislatively raped of their supposed “qualified immunity”, followed by automatic presumption of guilt in these cases when adjudged by the community, and two, the informal path is going to be “Cops? What cops? You say their GPS tracking ended here, along with the other telemetry you had going…? No idea, no idea at all… Someone shot Fred, over there, though… In his own yard, for no reason at all… You might maybe wanna look into that… But, no… We ain’t seen no cops ’round here.”.

            Meanwhile, there’s mineshaft nearby that’s a little more filled-in than it used to be, what with the missing cruiser and two cops still in it. If they’re lucky, they’ll already be deceased when they hit bottom. If not, well… Yeah. Justice will be done, and I guarantee you that you won’t like it when it becomes “informal”.

            I advocate for none of this, by the way. All I’m doing is lifting my head up to look into the light of the oncoming trains. Americans are bred from self-selected rebels and anti-social bastards that got up and left their homelands to come to somewhere people would leave them alone. Enough with these statist freaks pushing, they will remember that heritage and act accordingly. Won’t be any of us enjoying the process, either.

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