The SIG P210

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Much older than you might think, the SIG P210 pistol was introduced in 1948 and formally adopted by the Swiss Army in 1949 as the Pistole 49. (Many military firearm models are their year of adoption… 1911, 1919, et cetera. This can be a problem when you have two at the same time like happened with John Browning’s water-cooled belt-fed and his box-fed rifle, both demo’d on the same day in 1917. The Army adopted the belt-fed as the Model 1917 and the BAR as the Model 1918, which was backwards because the BAR entered service before the 1917!) I digress. The P210 has been around so long, there are many versions and iterations. It’s been chambered in 9mm Luger, 7.65 Parabellum and .22 LR. The Swiss Army decommissioned the P210 in 1975 and replaced it with the SIG P220. Civilian models were made up until 2006. This one is fairly late production (dash 5) and is a Target model with an extended barrel and front sight for increased sight radius. SIG of New Hampshire reintroduced an American made 210 in 2017 but I’ve not handled one of these new models.


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