New Compact ReVive Medical Pouch From HSGI


SWANSBORO, N.C. – Feb. 8, 2021 – High Speed Gear® is proud to announce the release of the ReVive™ Medical Pouch, the brand’s newest, low-profile medical pouch.

The ReVive is a quick-access, compact pouch built around treating a single gunshot wound. The pouch features the patent-pending RipCord™ insert, which allows the contents to be retrieved with one quick motion. The durable, stretch-woven fabric body allows the ReVive to adapt to the user’s preferred supplies, while the Mini MOLLE backer allows for a precise fit on belts 1.5”-3” in .5” increments, as well as standard MOLLE.

This pouch is designed to fit a chest seal, 4” trauma dressing and combat gauze in the removable, self-contained harness, as well as two pairs of nitrile gloves in the two external pockets, trauma shears in the rear slot and a tourniquet on the side lash points.


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