Kevin Costlow Shooting ,Video and More Info


There is a lot to think about in this police shooting video. NSFW for language and a guy getting shot in the chest

Beginning about 8 a.m., [Kevin] Costlow had been driving erratically in a Volkswagen sedan heading out of Laytonsville …

One driver swerved off the road to avoid him, crashing into a telephone pole. Costlow then crashed head-on into a second vehicle at the intersection of Olney Laytonsville Road and Fieldcrest Road, officials said.

The crashes and the strange driving led several people to call 911.

Popkin said the Volkswagen rolled on for about 20 feet after the second collision. Costlow then got out of his car and used a large piece of wood to try to attack the people he had just crashed into, Popkin said.

The sheriff’s deputy was driving to work in Rockville and either heard about the 911 calls or just happened to be passing, Popkin said. He stopped at the scene to help when Costlow allegedly turned on him.

Popkin said the deputy appears to have unsuccessfully tried to use his Taser to stop the assailant, who continued to attack with the piece of wood.

I saw this video yesterday going around with just the shooting part and no context or knowledge of a taser being tried first. So I decided not to comment on it till I had more info. Let’s forget that for a bit and leave the debate about the Top. Man. using deadly force being justified for some other time.

Just for discussion lets say it was a good shoot, which it probably is. Why in the world did the cop not use a failure drill and shoot the guy in the face? From that distance even a cop couldn’t miss his head. Even a Top, Top Man would have made that shot.

Next, I want to point out that was a 9mm.. “But with modern bullet technology, the 9mm is just as goo or better than a..” I hear you about to furiously bang out on your keyboad. Stop. Use something bigger, no amount of marketing claims, gun tubers or celebrity firearms trainers are going to convince me otherwise. But hey, you carry what you want. I will stick to 10mm.

That cop tried hard not to shoot that dude, which could have ended very badly for him.

Last, boy that guy barely looked annoyed right up till his heart stopped beating. That is the strength of the truly doped up or insane right there.


  1. If TSHTF I’ll be happy with anything that goes bang, a .45 is preferred but it’s shot placement that counts.
    A 9MM to the head would have ended this quicker, as shawn pointed out.

  2. i liked the comments by the guy who shot the video- coulda been watching a video game!
    … 6 rounds of 9mm FINALLY dropped the guy. yes, 10mm woulda done it faster. so what?

  3. I don’t think this is a caliber issue. Any gunshot that’s not to CNS, either needs to bleed out vitals and/or stop movement due to severe damage to muscular-skeletal system — think dude’s dead arm in Kenosha after bicep exploded.

    Also and again, fewer shots of larger calibers from a handgun are unlikely to have been delivered on target in same amount of time as 9mm.

  4. Yeah. That’s why I prefer a 10mm–If it will stop a bear, it’ll probably suffice for things like this.

    That said, the crazy/drugged/motivated are nowhere near as easy to put down as they would have it in the movies. My guys in Iraq were confronted with an “insurgent” with an RPG; they fired on him with a .50 cal, first burst of about nine rounds creating at least three hits on torso. Dude did not go down, was still trying to get the RPG into operation. Second burst, which was better aimed, tore off limbs and ended the encounter. Purely anecdotal, but it indicates that people are a hell of a lot harder to kill than we’d think. Also, that even a vehicle-mounted HMG in .50 BMG ain’t always enough gun…

      • Not much of a shooter huh? Also liked your smart ass comment “even a cop could hit him in the head.” I’d match my skills at a combat course or bullseye any day of the week Jeff Cooper wannabe. You actually compare the hits of a 9mm to that of a Humvee mounted 50 cal.?? Based on “recoil”?

  5. I think that the only truly effective “one shot, one kill” self-defense weapon is probably the 40-lb satchel charge with a really short fuse. Or, maybe a SADM/MADM with a dead-man switch.

    The problem with any of those, however, is the collateral damage and the very excellent odds that you’ll wind up dead along with your assailants. Along with everyone else within range…

    One does have to wonder, however, what the world would look like if we all left the house every day with what amounted to Mutually Assured Destruction on a dead-man switch. Would people behave any differently than they do now? Would crazies walk a little more carefully, knowing that they might find someone as crazy as they are?

    Food for thought, food for thought…

    • Yeah, any firearm is kind of a crap shoot. You mention 10mm as being good medicine for bears. And it is, kinda. It’s what I carry in the bear woods. But here’s the thing: It kinda isn’t. It’s not better than .44 Mag, and nowhere near in the class of something like .475 Linebaugh, which is itself vastly outclassed by 12 gauge slugs.

      And lots of bears have wandered off or continued to attack after taking a 12 gauge slug, like your insurgents taking .50 BMG.

      Every cartridge and firearm are a gigantic pile of trade offs. Custer had Gatling guns, but they were a hassle to cart around. I have a deer rifle, but that’s a hassle to cart around too. So I carry a 10mm. Is that the “best”? Well, it’s the best thing in my safe, and that counts for something.


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