1960’s Mattel Marauder M-16


In the 1960’s, Mattel made a toy rifle modeled after the M-16 that was being adopted by the military. The date that I have seen on photos and videos of the Mattel Marauder have been 1966 as a copyright date. I do not know how long the toy rifle was made. There doesn’t seem to be much history available.

Advertising image for the Mattel M-16 Marauder

One of these is for sale on Ebay right now and it is in incredible shape for a toy that is 50+ years old.

Primary listing photo of the Mattel Marauder M-16 for sale on Ebay.

I was born in the early 70’s and played a lot of ‘Guns’, ‘Cowboys & Indians’, ‘Cops & Robbers’, ‘War’, etc. and would have loved to have had one of these toys. The current listing price for this example on Ebay is $425.00. Almost half of the price of the current Colt CR6920 5.56mm rifle.

Buttstock of the auction example
Right side of the receiver of the auction example

The designers really made a pretty neat toy/replica for the time. The pistol grip is really close in appearance to a real M-16/Colt SP1 pistol grip. Note the side-mounted charging handle to actuate the firing feature. I chuckled at the high mounted ejection port door above the travel channel for the charging handle. You had to have felt like the luckiest kid alive if you got one of these when you were 7 or 8 years old.

Barrel details of the rifle. The handguards, front sight post and flash hider. Very realistic looking really.

For a more detailed view of the toy and to hear its ‘firing’ feature, check out this video on YouTube:

We hope you enjoyed this quick journey back through time. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I have one in near new condition. Charging handle (side mounted) is ratcheted. Pull back and then push forward until it stops (several cycles) pull trigger to fire.

    Best toy I ever got and the last toy gun I got for my birthday

  2. Thanks for the post it is a really nice looking you and like you I would have loved one of those as a kid, I also played with lot’s of toy gun’s as a boy, I had a brother that is 2 year younger than me and oh the countless evenings after we watched Bonanza we would buckle those cap pistols on little cowboy hats and I had a little jacket something similar to the one little Joe wore on Bonanza since he was my hero back then I even wore my cap pistol on my left side even though I’m right handed but on those warm breezy evenings most of the time I was little Joe and my brother was the bad guy or on other evenings he was a good guy and we were tracking bad guys but one thing for certain I was always little Joe, lol, and really got pretty darn good drawing my gun with my left hand yeah I was very fast on the draw, I’m 58 now and oh how I miss those days 2 brothers pretending to be cowboys sitting up camp with some empty vegetable can’s that my mom gave us to play with she made sure the can’s were not sharp so we wouldn’t get cut, those memories will forever be in my mind and heart just a magical short time 2 brother’s were cowboys out on the range tracking bank robbers and in our little mind’s we were as real as 2 cowboys back in the 1800s, then just at dusky dark my Mom would yell It’s time to come in then little Joe and the other cowboy would ride off into the sunset until the next evening after school man how I miss those days, days that were innocent and care free, thanks again for your post it definitely made me drift back into a much, much better time.

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