“Prank” Goes wrong, moron dies


This is a perfect story to break out one of Hognose’s favorite sayings. “Think of it as evolution in action”.

Police in Tennessee are investigating after a man was shot and killed Friday night during a robbery “prank” for a YouTube video.

Have you ever seen the Clint Eastwood film, Gran Torino? There is a line from that movie that applies here. “Ever notice every once in a while you run across some one you shouldn’t have fucked with?” The wanna be youtube celebrity ran across just that kind of person.

Nashville police responded to the parking lot of an Urban Air indoor trampoline park at 9:25 p.m., where David Starnes Jr., 23, admitted to shooting 20-year-old Timothy Wilks, according to a news release from the police.

Witnesses told detectives that Wilks and a friend were participating in a “prank” robbery as part of a YouTube video when they approached a group of people, including Starnes, with butcher knives. Starnes said he was unaware of the prank and shot Wilks to defend himself and the people he was with.

Who can read that and say they wouldn’t have reacted similarly ? I wonder how much of a “prank ” it really was. I would think once they gun came out, most people would have tried to toss down the knives or ran. Either way, he made the mistake of thinking everyone is a harmless, mindless moron that would cower in fear at the sight of a knife. Everyone reading this already knows how dangerous a nutcase with a knife can be within any distance you would have someone pull at knife on you, even if you have the gun. The CCW holder reacted in a prudent and reasonable manner in my opinion based only on the info released.

No one has been charged in Wilks’ death. And no one should be. If anything the pranksters in on it should be charged with getting the dimbulb killed since they have no one to blame but themselves for his death.



  1. “I would think once they gun came out, most people would have tried to toss down the knives or ran.”

    I think a lot of this depends on how fast the situation is developing. If somebody is in at bad breath distance with a knife, I’m not giving him a lot of time to think over his bad decisions in life.

    It also sounds like the defender was with a group of people so the prankster may not have really been focused on the defender.

    Anyway, stupid hurts and is sometimes deadly.

  2. Things like this are why I really, really loathe “practical jokers” and that brand of humor. I’ve been there, and only by the grace of God did I not wind up killing a couple of yutzes who thought they were being funny.

    People like that asshole who plays Borat deserve to go to their own special hell for doing the things they do that could engage the use of deadly force by mistake. You want to play practical jokes, do it somewhere contained and where the people you’re joking on have some idea you’re trying to be funny in a juvenile and immature way. Do it out in public, where your mistake can easily be mistaken for something that might engage deadly force reactions? I’ve got no sympathy whatsoever, and I’d happily rape your estate as a juror adjudicating the lawsuit from the person you “pranked”, leaving your wife and kids to starve. Venal, willful stupidity should hurt, and hurt bad…

    • Sacha Baron Cohen (aka Borat) is a CIA asset. You can look it up.

      It’s impossible to be too cynical about this stuff. I’m more and more convinced that there’s stuff on file in Langley and at the J. Edgar Hoover (!!!) building that would make the Venona and the Stasi releases look really tame.

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