WHITE SUPREMACIST EVERYWHERE!!!! Defense secretary orders 60-day stand-down to confront extremism


Military explosives arranged in the shape of a swastika. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Feb. 3 called for a stand-down to confront extremism in the services. (Screenshot from Twitter account @Jacobite_Edward)

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has called on the services to conduct a 60-day stand-down on the issue of extremism in the military, prompted by the Jan. 6 attack on the the Capitol and subsequent reports of both active-duty and former service members attending a rally calling to overturn the 2020 election and the riot that ensued.

Austin held a meeting Wednesday of the service secretaries and Joint Chiefs, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told reporters, to ask them about their concerns, and ideas for improving the situation.

“Even though the numbers might be small, they may not be as small as we would like them to be, or we believe them to be, “Kirby said of the prevalence of troops with extremists views, ties or activities. “And that no matter what it is, it is not an insignificant problem.”

Military Times’ own polling has shown that, anecdotally, more than one-third of active-duty troops, and more than half of minority service members, have witnessed signs of white supremacy in their colleagues. Further, survey respondents ranked white nationalism as a bigger national security threat domestic terror groups affiliated with Islam, for instance.



    • I though Idi Amen was worm food. Apparently Biden’s medications can raise the dead.
      If you are White and support the Republic and Constitution, they label you a White Supremacist,A racist, A” White Nationalist” and Extremist, a terror threat! If you talk about protecting and defending the Constitution and our Republic you area terrorist.
      Biden called our1776 Commission report “POLISHED GARBAGE.” This is a Globalist Color Insurrection. Biden and the Globalist trash paint Western Christian Civilization as Colonizing and stealing America from Latinos who are more Spanish, French, Portuguese, German and Northern European than any Native Mexican and Central and South Americans!! They never lived here! Mexicans who were in the Southwest when we conquered part of Mexico and bought the Louisiana Purchase,stayed because their prospects in America were better.
      We owe Illegal Aliens not anything!We owe the Muslim Terrorist Political and Religious Extremist not the time of day. Biden/Obama/Soros et al prefer them over Christians and specially Christian America because they will vote Democrat, as long as the welfare keeps coming!
      The Conspiracy to Overthrow the United States is a collection of Global Oligarchs, using every sort of Criminal,Traitor, Communist, Anarchist, and Pervert they can brainwash or pay in the Democrat Party. Freebies and control over the White Men who are 85% of the population, is what those Racists were promised.


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