Isn’t love great? Such tender moments and playful little pranks. The ups, the downs, the centers, the boiling hot water dumped on you for no reason.

An Illinois woman allegedly recorded herself pouring a pot of boiling water on her sleeping boyfriend and then posted the disturbing aftermath on social media, prosecutors said Tuesday.

HAW! Got ‘im !!!

Alexis Sykes is accused of the heartless crime that occurred in the apartment she shared with her boyfriend in Roselle, Illinois. on Jan. 2, according to the DuPage County state’s attorney’s office.

Sykes’ boyfriend was sleeping on the couch when he was scalded with boiling water.

Instead of helping, Sykes recorded the vile act and then posted it on Snapchat, prosecutors allege.

Man just think of the viral content though!

“I kinda feel bad now because he got 2 and 3rd degree Burns from face to waist & they rushin him to burn center but oh well (shrugging shoulder emoji) B—H (emoji blowing kiss) n still cried & beg me to drive him to hospital,” she reportedly wrote in the video caption.

We have all been burned before. I have seen a girl peel off all the skin from her arm from a grease fire, I saw her in the hospital nearly a month while on morphine and the weekly peeling off of the bad skin. I feel sorry for this guy and the live of living hell he is going to be going through. I know what I would like to do to this subhuman bitch.

The 22-year-old is also being accused of hiding her boyfriend’s car keys as she watched his skin fall off his arms, prosecutors say.

Your getting warmer, warmer, now you’re cold..”

The boyfriend managed to get his keys and drove to Loyola University Medical Center and was admitted into the burn unit where he underwent skin graft surgery.

Good luck to him, he is going to be needing it.

Prosecutors didn’t reveal a motive for the incident.



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