John Spilborough 1967 Colt 1911

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1967 Colt 1911 by Santa Barbara gunsmith John Spilborough. Spilborough immigrated to the US from Belgium in 1967. He was an accomplished machinist and crafted some of the finest custom 1911s in the late 70s and 80s. It seems like there was an awful lot of talent in Southern California in those years. Kings, Pachmayr, Swenson, Hoag, Jean St Henri (grip maker)…all legends, all from Southern California. It’s ironic that the most influential 1911 smiths in the world came from a state that hates guns. This beautiful example in high polish blue over hard chrome checks all the boxes for me. Swenson thumb safety, Hoag grip safety, Barsto barrel, Bomar sight, and checkering everywhere. The Belgian bad ass broke his knuckles on this build. How’s it shoot? Lights out.


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