De-Certified Handgun Models Kalifornia 2021


The following handgun models whose certification has expired or otherwise removed from the Roster. These models may no longer be sold, offered for sale, or manufactured in California.


  1. Really surprised by the revolvers and 1911s on here. For some reason I thought wheel guns weren’t subject to falling off.

    Part of the insanity is that they classify each separate finish as a separate model. Which is partly why the list is so long. So the blued model can be approved but the blued with embellishments rejected. Same goes for things like sights, safeties etc.
    The story I heard years ago when this first started happening was that essentially they extort the manufacturers. They have to submit a sample and 10k to “test” it but any change or variation has to be submitted separately. Oh and the submission is retained or destroyed. I could be wrong but it sure sounds right.
    Anecdotally back when my pops wanted to get a Wilson he could only get it in green. And he hates green. But that was the only finish that they had approved. Wilson didn’t want to go through the hassle of getting the other colors approved. Can’t say I blame them.

  2. Eventually Kommiefornistan will have an empty roster. That is their plan. As it is no new handguns can be sold there anyway due to the microstamping law.

    • Not really. The idea is that eventually only XDs will be left and no one will want to buy them therefore no one will buy guns at all.
      Well, I might not have been serious there, but the idea is 100% serious. Just make buying guns inconvenient/unappealing enough and almost no one will own guns legally anymore. After that just crack down on the “fringe hobby” and voila.

      • Every couple of years from the original certification, the manufacturer must specify what models they want to retain on the certified list. If one or more models are not selling or they decide to stop manufacturing one or more models, these models are removed.

  3. I know logic is not something we can expect from Kalifornia Legislators, but why does a certified gun become de-certified?


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