Colt Model 1917


Today from Karl ( is this Colt model 1917 made in 1920.


  1. When I was a kid, mid-1960’s, there was an “old guy” down the street had two of those and a Buscadero-style double holstered gunbelt to go with them. I don’t recall who made the rig but the tooling was exquisite. He was asking $25 each and would throw in the gunbelt if you bought both.

    But we were extremely broke and did not have that kinda money or any hope of getting it at the time…….

  2. I love these old 1917 wheel guns. I was just reading up on them, and I think this is an early Colt because it doesn’t have the ledge in the chamber to headspace non-moon clipped and non-Auto Rim ammo.

    All things being equal, I’d prefer a 1917 Smith, myself, but I would definitely not throw this one out of the safe.

  3. Smith and Colt omitted the machining in tye cylinder, head spacing off the moon clip. Both changed, though Colt did it a bit after Smith.

    They are great if large guns.

    I have a very clean 1909 (the predecessor in .45 Colt. It had a an excellent (though heavy in DA) trigger and is superbly accurate. The 1917s stayed in service far longer and were repaired, refinished, and issued past WW2. They tend to be a bit rough around the edges as a result. My 1909 seems to have stayed around Philly and doesn’t have that kind of use.


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