FN BAR Model D

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Everyone is familiar with John Browning’s BAR, the Browning Automatic Rifle introduced in 1918 chambered for our service cartridge, the .30-‘06. But do you know about the BAR’s improved version brought out by FN in 1930? It’s called the Model D for “detachable,” referring to the barrel which was quickly detachable. The big drawback of the BAR was the barrel could not be changed in the field, unlike the British Bren or German MG34, both of which have easily replaceable barrels. Machinegun barrels get hot quickly! The standard load-out for a Nazi MG34 included not one, not two, but five spare barrels. The FN D solved this defect and went the Bren one better with interchangeable calibers. My FN D can fire .30-‘06, .308, 8mm Mauser and 7mm Mauser. The mags are different. The BAR still has one thing over the D…. humor. “Did you hear the one about the three Nazis who walked into a BAR?”



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