H&K 91


Looks like Karl splurged on himself. I will let him take it from here.

Had an itch lately, an itch that leads me to picking up H&K’s. . . This 1982 HK 91 is an impressive specimen, the Euro contemporary to the M14, and one of many Roller Locking rifles the German firm would produce in all manner of size, caliber, and application. This particular one had a super nice upgraded trigger group done by Denny Williams – Williams Trigger Specialties, yielding a nice crisp 2 stage pull, Denny was considered by many to be the best at tuning these things. Ventilated handguard, brass deflector, and the upgraded 1200 Meter rear sight.


  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this rifle is the H&K G3. I didn’t know that’s also called H&K 91.
    When I served in the Greek army as a conscript in 1991, that was the most common rifle. It was the G3A3 version, made in Greece under license, by the Greek Armory (a state company). Quality was excellent, I think the barrels and stocks were shipped from Germany.
    After training I was posted to a battalion at the Greek-Turkish border, from which I got released after 15 months duty, without any other post in between. There at the border the men where issued FN FALs, which somehow were considered superior rifles and were limited for the border units. I don’t know why the brass had this idea that the FAL was superior to G3A3.
    My 2 cents are that both are great rifles, and that 7.62 NATO is a fine caliber.

    • HK91 is the civilian nomenclature in the US.
      (I think the ATF may require a different name for compliance)
      9 = semi auto rifle, 1 = 7.62×51
      I’m sure someone more knowledgeable will chime in but that should be the gist of it.

  2. Sorry for the typos:
    … the men were issued (not “where”)
    … were limited to the border units (not limited “for”)

      • No, it’s just because I’m Greek, and even worse I live in Greece, so I’m anxious to demonstrate that my possession of the English tongue (I know I killed you with that…) is good enough ,,,,

  3. H&K94 were semi-auto exports to America. The whole 90 line in general were exports to america, including the h&k 94, that semi-auto mp5 with a hilarious looking 16 inch barrel.

  4. It’s interesting Karl modified both the sights and trigger, but decided against changing the stock to something like that Spuhr stock with the cheek rest. The stock truly is the downfall of the G3: too long of a length of pull for most people or if you’re taller (or you use a shortened aftermarket stock) that hump where the receiver and stock meet tends to hit you in the nose. To this day I don’t understand why H&K wouldn’t just raise the sights like on an M16 or the later sturmgewehr prototypes and have the top edge stock at the same height as the top of the receiver instead of swooping down. I suppose the gun wouldn’t have looked so sexy if they did so.
    That’s probably why, the Spuhr stock is plain ugly and it’s pretty much necessary to pair it with some sort of an optic, which would ruin the classic look of the rifle. And nostalgia is probably the reason behind Karl’s purchase.


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